Handcrafted Kulhads – Twill Collection


Everything about the kulhads is handmade, including the clay and glazes. The inside of the kulhads is glazed in a soft-moss satin matt glaze. The outside retains the natural matt of the clay.In a twill weave, each weft or filling yarn floats across the warp yarns in a progression of interlacings to the right or left, forming a pattern of distinct diagonal lines. |Rekha

Jute Tie & Dyed with Hand Block Print Peacock Blue Sling Bag


Made of jute fabric with tie n dye and hand block print in peacock blue color. Long adjustable belts with frayed edges. A zipper pocket on reverse and inside & a zipper closure on top.


Sandalwood & Ubtan Ayurvedic Soap


– Relaxes, soothes and cleanses your skin.

– Its handpicked premium quality ingredients give it natural astringent, purifying, antimicrobial and skin softening properties.

– Helps reduce dark circles and acne and leaves behind a sweet balsamic scent of sandalwood.

– Hydrates and purifies the skin and restores its natural sheen. | Made by Aditya


Kundan & shell Green pearl beads Flower necklace set


Green Kundan Set. A must have for all the traditonal festivals and celebrations, this set not only complements any dress you wear with it, it enhances your appearances with precious stones and shine! |Advaita


White stone handcrafted Polki styled Statement earrings


White stone polki earring. These earrings can make you look all the prettier any day of the week! These drop earrings with a pearl setting, bring a hint of luxury to your outfit and draw attention with every turn of your head.|Advaita


Coffee Bean Bathing Bar (Pack of 3)


Dead Skin Exfoliator & Cellulite Reduction Bar. Comes as a pack of 3.

Cold processed Soap, made to perfection. Treat your skin right. The smell of coffee enriches your bathing experience! This is the perfect wake me up in the morning!| Made by the expert hands of Neil.


Bamboo Speaker with pen stand & Visiting card holder


Purely Handmade and used for mobile music enhancement, and visting card, pen holder. Can be used at office/home.|Aakash


Cooker 3L


Use this handmade clay Cooker for fresh, healthy
and nutritious dishes at your home! |Mitticool