About Us

Who Are We

Welcome To The Blessed Store

"A blessing is the feeling of being bestowed upon, what could be the purest form of wish to prosper. To be blessed by someone is to be understood that person wishes the best for you in life. " We at The Blessed Store TM wish to deliver the same at your doorstep.

The Imagination

The Blessed Store was born out of the idea of a sustainable living at an inexpensive cost.

We believe that each individual owes responsibility to the environment.

Large corporations hardly contribute to the betterment of the daily lives of people. Which is why we, at The Blessed Store, procure our products directly from individual artisans so that they benefit truly from each sale. Count that smile of the artisan when he/she sees you purchasing directly from them, add it towards your bounty of Blessings!

The Mission

We are on a mission for a sustainable marketplace where our customers could find dynamic ecofriendly and handcrafted alternatives to their daily living essentials, giving their products that “human touch”.

We wish to express the possibility that sustainable living at an inexpensive cost can truly coexist alongside quality products.


The Goal

What could be more magical than seeing artistic hands create something out of nothing?

To turn something that one sees of no use to something that’s invaluable?

We aim to find such artisans all across the fabrics of our country, and empower them, by providing them with a platform which is free of any boundaries of any complexity, and give our beloved customers the abundant choice of essentials and other products delivering directly from the hands of the artisan to the doorstep of our customer. Staying true to our motto, Blessings Delivered!